Powder Blending cutting, consistancy etc.
Blending seems logical when it comes to stacking racetams etc. But how best does one acheive an even consistancy, and avoid any reactional changes overtime etc?
I managed to get an ok deal on some aniracetam 250g@ $40, Noopept 20g@ $20, and Alpha GPC 50 100g@ $40.
I want to gear the stack for long term results to limit side effects or tollerance
By my calculations blending all the Aniracetm (250g) and Alpha GPC (100g) with just 3g Noopept. Would in 1g dosing provide roughly 700mg Aniracetam, 280mg Alpha GPC, and 8mg Noopept. I reckon 1g taken only twice daily should limit side effects or tolerance. But i'm proboably wrong no doubt, feedback relating to this and the topic of blending would be greatly appreciated.