Hi I'm new to the board but stumbled across the "NEUROSCIENCE/NOOTROPICS" subsection on google but then realized it's not here anymore so I'm posting this here.

Curious as to the effects of combining adderall and prami at the same time? Would it lessen the effects or potentiate the effects of the adderall? Does anyone have any scientific evidence to back up their claims?

Been curious about this for a while. Adderall and prami both fascinate me.

Effects for me from both when separate.

Positives - Focus, confidence, increased organization, driven attitude.

Negatives - Does weird things to my dick and seems to make my balls ache sometimes in higher doses. Come down makes me feel "off" and usually makes me crave alcohol or ganja. Tolerance, when used for extended periods.

Positives - Erection quality, and refractory period is only minutes between.

Negatives - When re dosing for the first time in a while even at a dose of .125mg I experience nausea, insomnia(yet I feel drowsy and feel like I could sleep), but I'll toss and turn all night. Then I slowly work my way up as the side effects diminish, usually not going past a dose of .3mg/night.

Could I take these both together in the morning? I'm just not really wanting to diminish the effects of the adderall. But also would prefer to take the prami early so I do not experience sleep issues.

I just do not fully understand the mechanisms of action for these drugs even though I've done quite a bit of research on them. Or I know the mechanism of action but it doesn't make sense to me.

Other things I'm on.
-80mg Tren ace/week
-200mg Test e/week
-12.5mg exemestane/day
-.5mg klonopin/day
-1200mg of omega3 /day