So it has been about a year since I cut off from building mass and heavy lifting.
The reason why I stopped is because my joints and my wrist were taking a beating.
I changed my diet, used top of the line and recommended supplements for joint health, and used several types of nootropics (phenylpiracetam, phenibut, and occasional tianeptine).
An mma (muay-thai) fighter buddy of mine recommended me getting off of heavy lifting and to focus more on plyometrics (weights and calisthenics). I've went from 190 to 146 in one year (I'm not sure if this is healthy or not, but I'm pretty cut up and can still bench roughly 180-185 with 12reps each. It seems that I am able to curl more, lift more, and not even feel the pains that I was getting. I'm also able to do more pull-ups and sprint longer honestly this is a given due to weight loss.

There wasn't any use of uppers or speedy type sups. I feel I have much more energy and I am able to get better sleep. Yeah I don't bench 245 anymore, but whatever. My joints are healthy and the pains have subsided.

My question is if it these pains would come back if I started lifting heavy again as I want to.
From what I understand, building explosive muscles can maintain the build of strong and healthy joints.