Apparently I've had an egg intolerance for a while, which may have progressed into a full blown allergy or may just be a severe intolerance-- I haven't been tested, so I'm not entirely sure. I've been having a lot of stomach problems for the last 2 years, and for one reason or another I never tried eliminating eggs until recently. I guess I figured since I had always ate a lot of eggs throughout my life with no problems that it couldn't have been the eggs. I tried eliminating just about everything else, I tried all sorts of different fiber, probiotics, herbal supplements, etc. Now that I have eliminated eggs I have consistently solid stools for the first time in a very long time, plus several other intangible benefits like mood, energy, etc.

I realize that I've probably done a lot of damage by continuing to eat something that I was intolerant to for so long. Anything acidic like soft drinks, apples, oranges, etc goes right through me (or did while I was still eating eggs, I haven't tried again yet because I want to wait longer to heal up). Same with a few different things like protein powders and also very spicy foods.

My question is: What can I do to speed up the recovery? Also, is there any benefit to regularly rotating foods to avoid new intolerances/allergies, or is this mostly an old wive's tale? I can't find any science to back up rotation diets.

I've been egg-free for a little over a week.

Here's what I am currently taking for my stomach:
L-Glutamine - 15 grams (split into 3 doses)
Bovine Colostrum - 10 grams (split into 2 doses)
Slippery Elm - 4 grams (split into 2 doses)
Psyllium Husk - 6 grams (split into 2 doses)

I also take fish oil, a multi, vitamin d, magnesium, and some other basic stuff. Before I realized it was the eggs, I ran through various elimination tests on all of my supplements, so I've got that part covered.

I've bought some mastic gum, DGL licorice, and marshmallow root that I'll try adding in one at a time. I am also looking at a product called "GI Revive" that has a mix of a ton of different ingredients in it and some very solid reviews. It looks overpriced but I am willing to pay for superior products that will help me, and I'd probably only need to take it for 1-3 months. Here is a link to the ingredient list:

A couple obvious things are missing from my supplement list: probiotics and digestive enzymes. I found that probiotics (RPN's "Gut Health") actually made my condition a lot worse when I took them during my egg-eating days. Digestive enzymes (Enzymedica's Digest Gold) had the same effect towards the end. I haven't tried either of these yet since being egg-free, but I realize that both of them will probably be needed.

My current diet is very simple. Each meal consists of:
1) meat/fish
2) a vegetable/fruit (nothing acidic)
3) some oil
4) nuts or another vegetable/fruit

No dairy, wheat, etc.

If anyone has any advice/suggestions I'd love to hear it, especially if you've been down this road before. Thanks in advance.