Whaz up!

So this will be my very first experience with SARMs, and I am excited to say the least. I have done much research, and with assistance of some very knowledgeable brothers on this forum I have a nice SARMs cycle laid out with some additional support supplements to go along with it. For this cycle I am looking for a recomposition, drop body fat while maintaining or even gaining lean muscle. The SARMs I am going to go with are S-4 and MK-2866 from Uniquemicals. I am currently finishing off a PCT from an Epi-Strong cycle, and had the SARMs planned as a bridge between cycles, and to continue to keep moving towards my goal is to get on stage again and compete.

I really was debating whether or not I was going to create a log for this as I am infamous for starting a log out strong and detailed, and falling into procrastinating behavior, work, family, life taking my time and I think you know where I am going with this. But there are a couple of brothers here who are motivating me to do so, Dylan and FL3X have offered to keep me honest, help me follow through on my log, and give support so we will see if this helps lol!!! It actually is giving me more motivation to follow through completely time, so as they say ?let?s kill this sh*t!!!?


1-10 Uniquemicals S-4 (50 mg ED, 25 mg morning/ 25 mg evening) may adjust depending on sides
1-10 Uniquemicals MK-2866 (25 mg ED morning) this should be fine
1-10 Bridge (3 caps ED)
1-10 Need2Slin (4 caps ED, spread out 30 min prior to carb meals, pre-fasted cardio)
1-10 Anabeta (4 Caps ED)
1-10 Forged Steel (RD)
1-4 Forged Burner (RD)

I will also be using these staple supplements:

Gear (10 caps ED pre/post workout, in-between meals)
Ruthless 3D Multi Vitamin (3 caps ED spread w/meals)
EFA?s (6 softgels ED w/meals)
Whey to Build Muscle and Muscle Replenisher proteins for shakes
Creatine & BCAA?s Powerchews (15 grams Creatine ED, BCAA?s for sweet tooth attacks!!!)
N2KTS or PWO Zero Loss or PWO Powerchews & N2 Amp (obviously pre-workout)
HCGenerate (will have on hand, but just finishing off 2 consecutive bottles so take a break from it)


My maintenance calories are around 3400 ED, so to start I will target my calories around 2900 cals on training days, and 2400 cals on non-training days and see how that works and adjust as needed. I want to be able to have some room to tweak, plus I end up looking flat when I diet down, and I don?t like it! I will carb cycle, and schedule my moderate carb days on leg/chest days for more fuel obviously. My carbohydrate sources will mainly be yams/sweet potatoes, Ezekiel bread, Quinoa, Black Beans, Oats, and Brown Rice. As you see all of my carbohydrates are high in fiber, and of course I will be eating a ton of Broccoli, Zucchini, Asparagus (when not so pricey), salads, and green beans, I am big on organic veggies, and I can?t get enough of them! Healthy fats will be peanut butter, olive oil, Avocado, Almonds, stuff like that. Proteins will be chicken, turkey, lean steak or ground round (always grass fed), eggs, fish, and shakes. I make these really good homemade Rocky Road Protein Bars, and will check the macros on those because they are great for those times at work when you are going from meeting to meeting, or in a classroom training so I will have those ready anyway, because my 6 year old little girls likes them too .


I am at 5 days a week @ 45 minutes treadmill, and will continue with that and increase/modify as needed. I am going to learn how to jump rope too, my little girl is going to teach me she says , so that will be some good addition to the other cardio. I will not do cardio on leg days and I will give myself off Sundays for family and chore day we will see if I can stay out of the gym lol!!!


HEAVY!!! 5x5, 15-20 rep sets, 8-10 rep sets, 100?s, I will mix it up all the time and my energy levels at times will determine what I do but it is all about keeping the muscle guessing!


228 lbs.
6?1? (lost an inch or two over the years from heavy squats and dead?s lol!!)
41 years young!!!
BF% (unknown at this time, but will post progress photos, keep my wife?s involvement and interest)
Been lifting for 18+ years, competed in 2005 & 2007 (1st place and (3) 2nd place finishes, and want to place overall my next time on stage.

I hope you will follow along on this one, as I will put 1000% into this goal of mine. I am going to play it safe and say realistically I will be updating this log every 3 days, but will do it more frequently as necessary. Although, this is my first dabble at SARMs, and am really excitied to see how they work for me, so my ambition and desire is there...and now that I have brothers in my corner, lets do this!

Thanks for reading my biography lol!!! Hopefully you will follow along.