Here's our writeup for M1P there is some excellent logs of this product going up.


Remember when 7-Up used to run those commercials about the "un-cola" well at Taurus we have a similar concept. The UN-STEROID...well sort of!
When is a progestin, NOT a progestin? When it doesn't bind to the progesterone receptor. In fact it doesn't bind to the estrogen receptor either and only to the androgen receptor (about equal to 11-OXO) but .
What it does do is provide quality lean mass gains without side effects. Our loggers are loving this stuff (both internal and on the forums) because it is an amazing anabolic that is very similar to the original Legal Gear M1P without crossing the line legally.

What is it?

6-Keto (Pregn-4-ene-3,6,20-trione) which is very similar in structure to the old 6-OXO product and we theorize inhibits aromatase (via downstream metabolites) along with being an anabolic on its own. The crazy thing about the new M1P is that it isn't a progestin at all having little to no activity at the progesterone receptor, PURE ANABOLIC effects!
What you get is a pure anabolic with very low side effects! Combined with proper diet and exercise you get a very potent product that stacks well with any other PH out there or is a good mild prosteroid on its own!
M1P is a dry compound that you can stack with other compounds to enhance their effects or alone to give you a pure anabolic that is very low in side effects.
Similar to our original M1P the 6-Keto is more than anything a mild anabolic that you will come to love!

Directions: Take 4 servings per day in divided doses.

6-Keto (Preg-4-ene-3,6,20-Trione) 20mg
Luteolin 5mg
Other ingredients: Water, HPBCD, N&A Flavor, Sucralose, Citric Acid, EDTA, K Sorbate, Na Benzoate,