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Thread: Recompadrol Q&A

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    Default Recompadrol Q&A

    Why so many ingredients?

    Each ingredient serves a different function

    to help create a more favorable environment for weight gain or weight

    loss as well as the possibility of helping the parameters of metabolic


    What makes this superior?

    To say our product is superior to others

    is does not seem fair. Every body reacts different to each

    supplement what works for one may not work for another, however we

    urge you to try it and make a decision for yourself

    How does it work?

    Works via glut4 translocation, PPARa agonism,

    Increases in CPT-1 and HSL, it also works by attenuating fat

    accumulation via inhibition of ATP citrate lyase enzyme.

    Does it need to be cycled?

    YES it absolutely needs to be cycled,

    Vanadium a trace element builds up in the body and it is important to

    always take either a couple weeks off every 4-8 weeks, or a day or 2

    off every week. Other ingredients such as aminoguanidine should be

    cycled as well to keep its effectiveness.

    Iíve had gastro issues before with similar product how do I fix that

    with this?

    3-5 days taking 1 cap 3x per day with very low or high

    complex carbohydrates.

    Is there one reason to take product or does it serve multiple


    This product serves multiple functions, as weight loss,

    weight gain, as well as the possibility of helping with parameters

    associated with metabolic syndrome, and diabetic nephropathy.

    What diet works best with this product?

    This product is very versatile in its uses, keto diets as well as traditional bulk diets

    will work well. Mechanisms show blocking gluconeogenisis (good on

    keto diet) as well as increasing ketones formations also good for keto

    diets), also in caloric surplus itís shown to inhibit ATP citrate

    lyase, which blocks the formation of Acetyl CoA leading to fatty acid

    synthesis and weight gain.

    How often should I dose this product?

    It depends on your specific goals, dosing can range from 3-6 times per day as shown


    How many hours in between doses?

    Based on half life of some of the ingredients its best to say every 4-6 hours,

    Should it be taken with food or on an empty stomach?

    Depending on your sensitivity and whether you are bulking or cutting will

    determine when you take the product.

    Bulking 1 serving 20-30 minutes prior to meals containing 60-100g

    complex carbohydrates.

    Cutting 1 CAPSULE 20-30 minutes prior to ALL meals, or 1 CAPSULE

    taken WITH first bite of each meal. Both have been shown to work

    Does this product stack well with other products?

    This product stacks very well with most other fat burners or testosterone boosters, PLCAR

    or any other carnitine will work extremely well, as well as added HCA

    What else do I need to know about taking recompadrol?

    It can deplete some vitamin b6 and niacin in the body so it is important to eat foods

    rich in these vitamins or supplement accordingly. Also be aware that

    the time it takes each individual in the beginning phase to assess

    tolerance may be longer or shorter in some individuals. Full dose is

    NOT always required for the amount of carbs listed. It is very

    important to use it how you feel best so you can get the most

    out of it.

    What if i am taking medications?

    If you are taking medications please refer to your EXAMINING physician to go over all

    supplements you are taking. It is important not to take BERBERINE containing

    supplements with anti bacterial medicine as it may make it less effective.

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    I know this is old but what the hell. Anyone know why people keep saying 60-100g of COMPLEX carbs? Why can't it be simple carbs?

    M+M = Get more BRAIN

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