I enjoy Choral/Orchestral music, and I am seeking any leads to bands/groups that I may not have heard. It is not Operas that I am seeking, but rather Choir pieces that are synthesized into song structures (like Kansas with a Choir). Vangelis, especially his work on the "1492 Conquest of Paradise" album, is certainly one of my favourites. It does not matter if it is Rock (or Metal), Classical, or New Age, as long as the songs (from the recommended bands/groups) are composed utilizing a Choir (and an Orchestra). Sweden's Therion and Norway's Tristania are two examples for which I make mention to, in concept (if you listen to bands as mentioned)

So, that said, any leads to bands/groups that fit the aforementioned desription, would be greatly appreciated (I do not have as of currently, sound on my Comp, so please do not say "check out this download". Also, I do not like (modern day) Metallica, so please make no mention of their S & M album [I have heard parts of it, and it was dross, to me]).

Just trying to find new music to inspire me, as it is rare, and I can not wait for another two years before Therion releases another album (I went out of my way to buy their last release, as it was slated for the US two months after European release. I bought a Korean import of it [got the bonus tracks])

Side note: If anyone enjoys some of the music along the lines that I have mentioned (in concept, if not in actuality), I recommend the soundtrack for "1492..." by Vangelis. It is the most breathtaking album that I have ever heard, especially the last song "Into Eternity".

Therion from Sweden, is my favourite band. If anyone wants to enjoy some modern Classical/Metal music, I recommend that you download the following Therion songs from your site of choice:

1)"The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah"

2)"The Birth of Venus Illegitima"

3)"From the Dionysian Days"

4)"Ship of Luna"


6)Their version of Orff's "O Fortuna"

7)"Via Nocturna"

8)"Up to Netzach"


10) and if you are more daring, you can check out "To Mega Therion".