How it's possible to prepare ketamine nasal spray in 1:25 ?

Dr Jay Golstein have had very good success using ketamine eyedrops in varying dilutions from 1:100 down to 1:5. Some of the responses have been quite remarkable. I also make ketamine nasal spray 1:25 and 1:10 and monitor its use because of a slight potential for abuse. Ketamine is an antagonist of glutamate acting at the N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor. NMDA receptor antagonism is probably the most important pharmacologic aspect of treating neurosomatic disorders, and may be accomplished by many different routes with a host of agents. NMDA antagonism in the trigenital system is possible, and should benefit the
neurosomatic patient (Parada DA, Luccarini P, Woda A, 1997). TRH nasal spray seems to be safe and effective and has the potential in certain patients to ameliorate all symptoms very rapidly. However, as I mentioned previously, it is less apt to help pain than other symptoms. Ketamine in PLO gel transdermally as well as in nasal spray and topical ophthalmic form, are better analgesics than TRH and sometimes are effective when IV ketamine is not.