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    Hi to all,

    I am here to learn.


    This is my first post on this board and I am truly in need of knowledge from people such as yourselves.

    I am so frustrated right now because I can't understand why my bodyfat is not lowering, despite what I am doing.

    It has taken me around 2 years to get my bodyfat down from 35% to 18% and this has been done by averaging a loss of 1lb's per week, purely because I wanted to protect the lean muscle that I have. I am quite sure that I have maintained my muscle because my metabolism has pretty much stayed the same. I am able to eat around 2400 calories a day and I do cardio around 3-4 times a week, to lose the 1/2-1lb that I have set myself.

    I am currently struggling to shift off 18% and I have been at this level for around 2 months, in which time I have lost 3.5 lbs (as you can see everything is slowing down) surely by losing 3.5 lbs in this last 8 weeks, I would have lowered myself from 18% to at least 17%? This is very frustrating!



    Fish Oil

    Chromium Picolinate

    Multi Vitamin

    I began taking Sesathin on the 1st October, because I have read that this is a fantastic way of lowering your bodyfat and I combine that with plenty of Omega 3's from fish oil. The Sesathin I buy is from Avant Labs, it may be slightly more expensive than other's, however these people invented it, so it is only right that I choose them. I have supplemented with a Multi Vitamin and Chromium Picolinate (Chromax) for well over 2 years and they have helped me on my journey.

    I have tried high protein diets in combination with carbs and this doesn't have any effect on my bodyfat level's in comparison to eating high carb's and low protein!


    I only do cardiovascular workout's in the form of cycling, which i average around 51-68 miles per week and this works out at around 64 minutes per exercise session. I normally do 3-4 sessions per week, allowing a rest day in between each workout. Question - is this maybe a little to long and should I be looking to do less time on the bike?

    I used to do weight's a long time ago, however havn't done them for quite a few years. Question - could this be a major failing in my approach.


    As I say, I have tried high protein diets, with moderate carb's and high carb's with moderate protein and the results I get are no different in respect of my bodyfat levels. I have a major confession to make and this could be my major un-doing - I have an addiction for sweets (candy) and chocolate and it many ways I eat them like a drug addict would inject heroin - this doesn't seem to stop me losing weight however because in the last 2 years I have lost in the region of 4 stones, which as I say is an average of nomore than 1lb's per week.

    Bodyfat Source

    I use a tonita bodyfat scale and this is how I gain my bodyfat readings from week to week. I use the scale's at the same time, every week that I take the reading and in the same conditions. Question - Is this a reliable source?

    Waist and lower stomach measurement

    10 weeks ago I was 32" around the waist and 36" around the stomach at a weight of 12st 1lb. I am currently 31.5" around the waist and STILL 36" around the stomach.

    I don't think there is anything else I can tell you, regarding my situation and I just hope someone can take time to read this and pass on something to help. Like I say, I am here to learn and made to look a fool, if that is what it takes for me to progress.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Since you have been dieting for 2 yrs. you may want to take a break from dieting. I would suggest you take off 2 weeks and just eat at maintenance and you might want to take a break from working out also.
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    How much wieght did you lose? What was your starting and current wieght and how tall are you? Congratulations on your accomplishment.

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    A week or two off?...Shit man try a month or two off of your diet! What gets me every time about preserving our precious lean body mass is that we tend to take the long road like the guy that started this post, two years? That's a dickload of time, coulda done it much faster, kept MOST muscle mass and got on his way to adding much more mass than previously started at. On top of all that been much happier and enjoyed the results.

    I have a friend who went to the army "CJSZIP" from here, and he was a stickler about loosing mass so he did his diet, training, etc...To the dot, went to the army all that was thrown out the window. Guy lost a ton of bodyfat, gained mass and is happy.

    Instead of number crunching here for you follow this...It generally equates to the calories required if you were to do it at 12xLBM method.

    1 G protein per LBM -

    - Lean sources such as chicken tities (breast), red meats, egg whites, tuna, use whey if you must upon waking and post workout.

    1 G carbs per LBM

    - Whole sources such as brown rice, and oats, toss in your candy when you desire it and try to toss it in before your biking and a lil after as a reward.

    .3 to .5 G fat per LBM

    - fish oil as basics, and the rest should come from the natural foods you eat, such as red meats having a bit of fats in them, chicken breast having a bit of fat form using olive oil when you cook them.

    blah blah blah...repeat forever untill goal is achieved, BTW it seems you're the type that goes all out if you were to incorporate refeeds so I would just diet out a few months until you're not budging in progress any more and take a week or two off and eat normal.

    The most important thing if I can stiff into your head man is that...if your goal is to look good than stop worrying about loosing lean body mass becuase you will not as as long as your protein needs are met which at 1G per LBM should be enough; however you might loose some mass yet at the same time appear bigger due to less bodyfat.

    Happy cutting

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